Newborn, Maternity and Baby Photographers in Miami

What you need to know about the newborn photoshoot

Our platform Baby Photo Awards will help you find a professional newborn photographer. They will create a unique selection of beautiful pictures that you will enjoy throughout your life. The optimal shooting period is from the seventh to the fourteenth day of the baby's life. At this time, they still sound asleep and do not react so actively to external irritants such as noise, light, etc. The optimum temperature is 23 degrees. With such a condition, the baby will not feel discomfort! Of course, it may seem to you that it is hot, but for the baby, this is the optimal temperature to feel good and sleep peacefully, which will allow professionals to perform a photoshoot.

Ideas for Shooting

It is best to take pictures of a sleeping baby, but photographers can also take pictures of the touching moment of feeding the baby. Pictures of the child with parents, older children are also welcomed – those photos will become the main ones in your family album. Especially if it is shots of a baby in the arms of mom or dad. A professional newborn photographer Miami will tell you how to behave and create ideal and comfortable conditions for the baby. During the photoshoot, beautiful and original accessories can be used, among which are plaids and baskets, floor mats, and more. If you live in Miami maternity can be captured with the best masters.

How to choose a photographer in South Florida

To make a photoshoot of newborns safely and correctly, photographers need to specifically learn this. None, even the most skilled photographer, a master of portraits or filming of nature, will not be able to accurately capture newborns without the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience. The main rule is to take shots of only those children who are from a few days to two weeks old. No more. During this period of life, they are not yet tormented by cramping and colic in their stomachs, and therefore they can sleep for a long time. Usually, children are photographed sleeping, while photographers change their poses so deftly and quickly that many babies never wake up during the whole photoshoot. The Miami newborn photographer usually has a whole arsenal of props: tiny hats, bandages, bows, wreaths of flowers, tens of meters of fabrics of different textures, all kinds of baskets, chests, tubs and so on. A couple of years ago it was fashionable to photograph children in hats in the form of different animals: elephants, chickens, and so on. But this is yesterday. Minimalism is trendy today: a creative hat or wreath and an originally chosen entourage. Baby Photo Awards will save you a key memory for life.