Newborn, Maternity and Baby Photographers in Philadelphia

Professional Baby Photographers at Your Disposal

Have you recently welcomed a new little member into your family? Our sincere congratulations! Giving birth to a baby is one of the rarest miracles in one's life and why not capture the moment? We suggest capturing the first days of your dearest human so that after years from now you can recognize the traits and features of your little newborn which have molded into the person the baby has grown to be. These photographs will become the precious milestone you would want to preserve! So, with these words, we welcome you to the most caring newborn photography service in entire Philadelphia! A baby photo session is like a miracle. During every shoot, a gifted photographer in Philadelphia carries out, they try to capture the baby's pretty features, as well as the emotional bond with family members if those are shoots of multiple babies or an entire family. The use of natural light and specialized equipment helps us to preserve the true skin tone of babies in the photos. Minimal filtering and retouching ensure authentic results. The Philadelphia maternity photos we hand to our clients, beyond any doubts, stand the test of time.

When You Should Book

The most favorable time of booking a photography session of your newborn is even before giving birth. Contacting a family photographer in Philadelphia beforehand, you are giving them time to schedule and get prepared for the session properly. Typically, baby photography is taken when the newborn is in his/her first two weeks of life. At this time newborns are best willing to be posed and images turn simply amazing!

Both Studio and Home Sessions

Relying your baby's first photography session on our seasoned photographers in Philadelphia, you get the right to choose where it must be conducted. Our specialists have marvelous studios equipped with everything necessary for getting fairy-tale like photos. However, if you prefer to have the newborn photographed in the comfort of your home, we can arrange that. Philadelphia is a beautiful city with several picturesque venues. If you have any specific location in mind, feel free to discuss its convenience for a baby photo session with your photographer. In all cases, a beautiful outcome is guaranteed!

Props and Outfits & Safety for Babies

Choosing the services of our seasoned photographers, you will not have to care about any props or outfits. Each of them has a wide collection of products that come handy during a newborn photography session. These are all safe, hypoallergenic, and regularly cleaned stuff to give parents peace of mind that their babies are in safe hands. With this said, our clients do not need to prepare anything beforehand. Our Philadelphia newborn photographers have much experience and special skills in handling and posing very young babies. We all prioritize the safety of every little client and make sure every newborn is safe and comfortable during the photography session in Philadelphia. While photographing babies, our tactful best newborn photographers let them indicate which poses they feel most comfortable curled up in. After all, on average it takes three hours to complete an efficient photography session.