Frequently Asked Questions

General Information:

Baby Photo Awards is a community of the best baby photographers from all around the world. Best international baby photographers can share their photos and personal information on our Baby Photo Awards website and compete with each other in a Baby Photo Awards monthly competition!
At the end of each contest year, we give individually designed trophies to the TOP10 Best Baby photographers in the world!

At the end of the year, we count all the awards and make a rating of the Best Baby Photographers Worldwide. If you are among photographers who won most awards throughout a year, you will be included in the list of TOP10 Best Baby Photographers in the world and you will receive an individually designed trophy!


All you need to do is register on our website. Just click on ‘Register’ and fill in your information - it shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes.
Baby Photo Awards is a community of the Best Baby Photographers Worldwide. By joining our community, you show your high level of professionalism and competency!

Membership on Baby Photo Awards gives you plenty of amazing opportunities!
-Listing on Baby Photo Awards page allows you to find more clients!
-You can submit up to three photos to the collections for free every month
-Winning photos get promoted on our website, Instagram and Facebook
-Best Baby photographers receive individually designed trophies every year!
-You get a chance to compete with the best photographers from all around the world and improve your photography skills!

Registration & Account Settings:

You can choose any other city in your country and register. After that, you can e-mail us at and we will add your city to our database, you can change it in your profile anytime.

No, you must be registered under your real name and your name will be displayed on all of your winning photos. However, you can mention your studio name in your profile description, and add the links to your studio’s website, Instagram, and Facebook. We will mention your studio name on our Instagram posts with your winning photos!

Your page is not visible now because only members are listed on our website and are visible to all the users. To be visible to the clients, you need to become our member.
Go to ‘Become a member’ and proceed with payment through our system. You will receive a membership fee discount next year!

You can email us at and we will find a way to solve your issue.

Send us an email at and we will reset your password. After logging in, you can change your password anytime.

Contact us at and we will update your profile information.

Collection Submissions:

Please, check whether your photos satisfy the general size requirements (minimum size is 1400px width x 800px height or 1080px width and 1350px height).
If you still can’t submit your photos, send us your photos at and we will upload it.

If you are sure that submitted images, which were not awarded previously, deserve being reconsidered, you may upload these photos for the next collection once again.

You can participate every month. At the end of the competition year, we count all awards and make a rating of the best Baby photographers worldwide. The best photographers receive individually designed trophies!

All websites stripe the color profile because it is ignored by web browsers online, hence the color changes. However, you can get rid of the "color profile" with the help of Photoshop. You should choose "File → Save for the web". The "Save for the web" in Photoshop or any editing program will read the information in the color profile and apply it to the image. After that, you may upload images without losing colors.

After you upload images you should see them in your profile until the deadline. After the deadline, they will be automatically submitted. You can also find previously submitted photos by going to your profile and clicking on ‘Awards’.

No, only the real name of a photographer is allowed. You can mention your Studio/Business name in your profile and it will be displayed during posting on the Website and Instagram.
Please enter the contest using your real name. We will always display a credit alongside your photo as it appears on the Website and Instagram page. We do not accept photos with watermarks or descriptive text on it.

You can send us an email at and we will send you your photo. You can also request a logo/print photo if you need it and we will also send it to your email.

Instagram and Facebook feature:

The photos you see on our page are the winning photos from the Baby Photo Awards Collections! Take part in the contest and get featured on the Baby Photo Awards page.
All you need to do is register on our website and become our member. You can submit 3 or more photos every month to the Baby Photo Awards Collection.

We randomly select photos to be featured on our Instagram and Facebook pages. However, we post all the winning photos on our Instagram and Facebook Stories. Your photos should be posted in a few days after the announcement of the results.

Other questions:

All uploaded photographs belong to their owners. We do not have the right and do not use it anywhere else, only on our Website, Instagram, and Facebook.

Baby Photo Awards is a great place to find the best baby photographers!
You easily find a photographer in your city, see their portfolio, awards, price ranges, and their contact information! Just go to the ‘Photographers’ page and select your city.

Please e-mail further questions to or use our feedback form. We are always happy to read your comments and suggestions!