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Reut Avivi Photography

Hello everyone! I have been a photographer for over 8 years and specialize in family photography, pregnancy and children. I am passionate about capturing the beauty of nature in family photos and the amazing moments I get to see. I'm always looking for new and interesting places to explore and hopefully take some stunning photos. When I'm not out shooting, I spend time editing and tweaking my photos to perfection. I'm always looking to grow and improve my skills as a photographer, and I'm so excited to share my work with you all!

Winning photos

Every time it happens to me❣️
I sort the pictures and say it will win❣️ Not the second one will win❣️❣️ and that's how I want to publish the whole set❣️
This time I chose, one of many kinds that made me smile big, I photographed a doll❣️ Just a doll in the colors of winter ??? All so amazing❣️
The pictures just come out an artistic painting of our beautiful nature❣️
In the picture, the doll model Liv - I fell in love ???

69th Collection

In the picture modeling the sweet Rafael, in the one year old photos, he was so smiling and exceeded all my expectations, smiled his perfect smile in every set and set, just modeled perfection

69th Collection

Sweet Eileen in one year old photography, I photographed this doll when she was a few days old and today she is already celebrating a year, I am always happy to see these little dolls come back to me to see how they have grown and become beautiful! In the picture I took Eileen to a lovely corner in my beautiful garden with the perfect winter colors, it came out wintry and stunning

69th Collection

In the picture Ema modeling for a Bat Mitzvah book at the age of 12, she has already won another picture and I had to submit her beauty one more time, just amazing and beautiful

68th Collection

Noya and her little sister Elinor ! two beauties in perfect fall colors .

67th Collection

Beautiful Yahli, Photo from the 12-year-old album - Bat Mitzvah, I like to match the small details to the clothes of the person being photographed, in this case the flowers blended perfectly together with the landscape colors and the golden hour

67th Collection

A perfect picture from the 12 year old album - Bat Mitzvah, the green wheat was right next to us and it was just asked to stand there and create this magic

67th Collection

12 year old EMA in Bat Mitzvah book photography, just did not give up and wanted all this beautiful white, luckily her stunning rainbow arrived that day and the combination came out perfect

66th Collection

The beautiful 12-year-old Talia in Bat Mitzvah photos modeled perfect innocence in such beautiful colors! and Her eyes are just beautiful

66th Collection

I waited so long for the cotton fields to dry and turn brown in their beautiful color, my beautiful daughter enjoys the softness of the white cotton

66th Collection

A set of nurses who look like childhood friends from the same class are so beautiful! The photo was taken in their dad's nursery and that's how Dad works in the nursery and just grows amazing flowers.

65th Collection

From the kind of photos that I already knew in the photo shoot, that I came up with something unusual, special and artistic, this beautiful woman is carrying a daughter in her belly daughter who came after 2 boys and it's all very exciting!

64th Collection

From a Bat Mitzvah book by the beautiful Orin who knew how to get emotion out of every picture and picture in the set. For me, her entire album should win!

63rd Collection

Rumi in bat mitzvah photos, her family has an amazing brown horse of their own but she had to take a picture with the white horse! You know a white horse princess and such:) We trained the bow on her head for the horse's socks to make the connection between them in the beautiful landscape that is close to the farm.

62nd Collection

My love in the apricot field…In the first days when the field bears its fruit, the color purple with the green touches perfectly.

61st Collection

I love falling leaves so much ... wherever there is such a fall you will find me there! As part of the one-year-old photography of perfect twins we went through the persimmon fall to create this postcard

60th Collection

I love falling leaves so much ... wherever there is such a fall you will find me there! As part of the one-year-old photography of perfect twins we went through the persimmon fall to create this postcard

60th Collection

The most beautiful scarecrow I have ever met and I am biased because this is my favorite and regular model :) There is no more beautiful place to emphasize the colors in the picture than a green wheat field in golden time

59th Collection

My princess in the little fall we had this year, with such a crazy winter even the trees got confused, when I saw some golden leaves I snatched my little one for a magical picture

58th Collection