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This is my effort and my honor!
In 2020, he became the first photographer in China to be awarded baby photo awards
Join mywed International Wedding Photographer forum in 2019.
From May to October, 2018, he won many awards in ispwp global photography competition.
In July 2016, he became the first Chinese award-winning photographer of WPS in UK
In September 2015, it ranked among the top five in ispwp, gettingready.
In July 2015, she was selected as topweds' top 30 wedding photographer in Asia.
In January 2015, he joined the fearless International Association and entered the ranks of creative "fearless photographers of global fearless".

Winning photos

This is a little emperor from China. He didn't come to take pictures, but just wanted to pick up leaves. When we called him, he looked so cute with a hooded face.

80th Collection

Stone bridges, ancient trees and railings, Yan Yan is bathed in the sunshine in September. She leans on the railings and looks green. She is a beauty.

78th Collection

Walking in the park of Qingdao, I caught my favorite picture. A beautiful girl ran to the tree full of flowers in the spring breeze.

77th Collection

Go to see the sea in summer, let the sea breeze convey the gentle joy, you can leave everything to the sea without talking. There is a girl practicing cello in the scenery. Her name is Duoduo.

77th Collection

In the middle of April, we came to little Qingdao Park, which is our favorite place. The girl's name is strawberry, which is lovely and gentle. The moment I recorded, a gust of wind blew and the skirt was floating. It was very beautiful.

76th Collection

Summer is really beautiful. Summer is a season full of vitality and endless changes. This colorful summer is the foundation of autumn and the prelude to winter. Our heroine is witty and cute. She is like a beautiful picture.

75th Collection

I take photos every spring. What is different this year is that they can all wear Han clothes. They are two sets of Han clothes of the same style and color. Two good friends like fairies are under this tree.

75th Collection

It's very interesting to take pictures of the child, because you don't know what her next move will be, so when I hold the camera and keep pressing the shutter, surprises often appear, because her turning around is more poetic than looking directly at the lens.

74th Collection

This is a very lucky day! We came to the square just as the pigeons whistled and the pigeons danced all over the sky. It was 9 o'clock in the morning. The tourists had not come yet. We stood in the open square and listened to the sound of wings vibrating. It was very wonderful to capture this moment.

74th Collection

Dance against the light. Michelle is a 6-year-old girl. She likes Latin dance. When the music rings, she dances alone on the path in the park. The sun shines on her hat and shoes at 4 p.m. we can see her toes, the way she practices and works hard from the details of the picture. How lovely she is.

73rd Collection

The day we took pictures of Miya, it was the season of travel. There were many people on the lawn. The morning sun came down and passed through the treetops. Miya held a beautiful flower basket and looked up and smiled. It was very beautiful.

73rd Collection

Magnolia in full bloom. We agreed with Qiqi to meet under the Magnolia. That day, she wore a set of Chinese style clothes and took a book. She was just in full bloom. Under the blue sky, the wind blew her skirt. The picture was very beautiful!

72nd Collection

with a smile. Tong Tong stands under the blooming cherry tree, his hair has a light luster like black jade, and the skin at his neck is as delicate as beautiful porcelain. In a breeze, the petals fell lightly, glittering and translucent like snow. It seemed as if she heard her footsteps. Tong Tong gently turned around and smiled. At that moment, it was implicit beauty.

72nd Collection

The beauty of the East. Haohao is a girl who loves to laugh. The sun was just right that day, and a breeze gently blew up, which brought the unknown intoxicating fragrance of flowers in the distance, but also took the cherry blossoms on the branches away from the branches. Countless cherry petals danced in the wind, like pink gauze floating in the wind, which made people wonder if they were in a dream.

72nd Collection

This is an April morning. The sun shines on the grassland from the right front. Zimeng wears a straw hat and carries a small basket. She squats down and looks at the small flowers. Her focused expression is fascinating.

71st Collection

Team operations. Three small partners form a team. They usually train and play together. So at this moment, there is a very tacit understanding.

70th Collection

The fencing girl, Qiqi, 7, is a lively and lovely girl. She looks very beautiful after she wears fencing clothes. We took this picture in the corner of the hotel lobby.

70th Collection

6-year-old anniversary. It was Xiaosen's sixth birthday. We stayed in the hotel for two consecutive days. She liked the children's room of Hilton hotel very much. We took three interesting photos on the day of check-in. This is one of them.

69th Collection

When Xiao Sen first touched the piano, he was impatient. Every song starts to get angry when it doesn't play well. It's funny and cute, so I use this lens to record her angry moment.

68th Collection

"Vacation series 3" since children like to throw around, I contributed my hat. At the same time, I also played a guest role as an old father working at a desk.

67th Collection

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