Emily Wyrick



Raleigh, North Carolina

🇺🇸 The United States

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Durham (The United States)



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Fingers and Toes Photography

I'm a PPA registered Maternity, Birth, Newborn, and Family Photographer based in Raleigh, NC. I'm a Military Vet and Mother of two beautiful Children; Michael and Madeline. When I'm not taking photos, I love to craft with my littles, bake, and hike with my family and two dogs.

Winning photos

This little one's mama messaged me in a panic because her daughter was already two weeks old and she was afraid that she couldn't get the beautiful shots she was hoping for. She came to her session full of ideas and I'm so happy I was able to capture this particular one for her. Her little Princess was an adorable addition to the babies I've been blessed to work with over the years.

5th Collection

I truly love being a Mom and a Photographer so when I get to combine my two loves, it just makes my heart feel full. This is my beautiful son; Michael. He wasn't having the greatest day but seemed to really enjoy running around a sunflower field as tall as he was. This is my absolute favorite photo I've ever taken of him. I'm so pleased I was able to capture his curiosity and love of Nature in one image.

5th Collection

Living in a military town, there are so many Sailors and Marines with new babies. This little girl had so much love surrounding her, they even named her Valentina! This sweet girl was so happy to be in her Father's arms and fell asleep perfectly and settled right into him. I truly love this photo as it represents all the protection and love that not only a Father has for their new child but the Military does in protecting our great Country.

3rd Collection

This family was suggested to my studio by another client as they had just moved into the area. I was so thrilled to work with them. They were so energetic, especially their oldest son. He loved taking photos with his little brother. Landry was one of the most calm and happy babies I've been able to photograph. This set up came as a last minute idea that I had in my head and he was settled and happy and I'm beyond thrilled with the outcome. It's by far one of my favorite military themed photos I've taken.

3rd Collection