Gabriella Arruda



Sao Paulo

🇧🇷 Brazil

Studio Name

Estúdio Gabi Fotografia

Gabi Fotografia Studio was born along with the couple's first child (Lucas), they were 9 months of work and gestation. For 13 years the studio has specialized in Advertising. In mid 2007 \ 2008 the photographer who had always been in love with babies, decided to make a test option aimed at this segment, unlike anything she had on the market, exactly what she would like to find if she were pregnant. From there the studio changed face and routine, being all adapted for this public. What went very well, turning a network of indications among customers.

The couple works together, she photographs him and him in the treatment and edition of the images.

The photographer was one of the winners of the third season of the Outstanding Maternity Awards 2017, the world's largest award for maternity and family photographers.