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The end of the summer harvest means sometimes we must say goodbye to the prettiest of flowers. But that also means displaying them one final time and preserving their beauty in photographs.

78th Collection

Eden and Harlow: These sweet sisters are such a joy to photograph. This session was photographed in their mom's flower garden; Bloom and Gathered. They are always out helping to plant and harvest so that their mom can make those gorgeous arrangements and floral crowns that she does for her clients.

78th Collection

Fonthill Castle is a true gem nestled in the small down of Doylestown, Pennsylvania. It was the absolute perfect backdrop for this "Harry Potter" inspired photoshoot. This location brought us all the magic we needed and more to play pretend for a day. Ellie modeling as Hermoine Granger was also 100% on point! I love sparking imagination and play in these little growing minds!

78th Collection

I love when this pose comes to life! Little girl did so well for her first session and slept the entire time. We had beautiful natural lighting in the studio this day too! Bring me all the plump baby cheeks and pouty lips!

71st Collection