Tehila Rotem Kaizerman

Tehila Rotem



🇮🇱 Israel

With us

4 years

Studio Name

Kaizy photography

Hi my name is Tehila Rotem Kaiserman I am married plus two lovely boys and one little girl ❤️ I have always loved to take photos and was excited about the ability to capture the moment ... I am a professional photographer specializing in New Born photography. I also photograph a children, family image and atmosphere ... I am impressed with most of the photos on this amazing site!!
I Wish Everyone The Best Of Luck :)

Winning photos

this beautifull girl name is alla. and i take this photo frome my personal sisters projact. i love her eyes so much and im happy that this pic was chossing

83rd Collection

this is my hart you looking at/
hila and alla was modiling to my personal project

82nd Collection

ella and hila frome my sister personal project love this photo so much and they having so mouch fun by eating chkolate

82nd Collection

all the time all my new born smiled when i put them in this background i dond know why but its happning

82nd Collection

this amazing girl love camera and all the time she ask about me and im very happy to see her in my studio when her mother want more pic

81st Collection

my amazing littele girl lenny
this photo was taking for her 1 birthday.
im so happy that i took her for shooting photo in her birthday...

81st Collection

This beautiful girl name is Lenny she is adorable little lady she was very happy in this photo shoot… and the little dog was amazing and like to be in the jug.. and yes this girl.. she’s my daughter❤️

80th Collection