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Ange Rae is a Mum of 3 and has always had a passion for photographing people (probably because she is so sentimental herself!) She specialises in Newborn, Maternity & Family.

Winning photos

These little sweethearts came back for some updated images around Easter so I couldn't resist creating a little themed shot for them. This shot really captures their very different personalities. How adorable are they!!?

85th Collection

Life takes my breath away sometimes. Like in this moment, with this stunning new Mum holding her rainbow baby girl - and the light streaming in across them both. It's a fleeting moment in time but I remember drawing breath as I snapped it. It's so special being able to work with tiny miracles and their parents, capturing moments in time that will never be repeated, but never forgotten.

72nd Collection

This little Easter Bunny arrived 10 weeks early! She was so, so sweet and slept through her entire session. Her Mummy & Daddy are so happy to finally have her at home with them.

72nd Collection

Introducing baby Amayra who missed out on newborn photos because of the Covid restrictions here in Australia, so we commemorated her first birthday instead. I almost died when she looked at me like this! Cuteness that’s too much to bear!

69th Collection

When friends drop in unexpectedly early on a Saturday morning with their new baby boy & you absolutely have to pull out your camera to take a few shots even though you are still in your pyjamas! Little Jasper is 10 weeks old and he is going to be a heart breaker!

69th Collection

She is wild and fierce. She is strong and constant. She is nurturing and breathtakingly beautiful. She is perfect. She is Mother Nature.

61st Collection

Looking forward to the arrival of her little boy. The way this beautiful Mum & the stunning outdoors came together for this photo is a breathtaking reminder of how incredible life is. Nature is miraculous.

57th Collection

Meet little Kobe and La Melo! These darling little boys kept taking turns smiling throughout their session - the cuteness was too much to bear! So much so that I asked them to come back so that we could create this little moment to celebrate their very first Christmas.

43rd Collection

His Daddy wanted him posed in a bucket and little Sonny was very comfortable with that idea! Seriously the cutest little baby boy with his chubby cheeks & beautiful skin - I wanted to keep him!

42nd Collection

Beautiful little Noah kept giving me smiles throughout his session. And these overalls on him made my heart explode. There is something so very cute about little boys in overalls!

42nd Collection

Treasuring every precious moment with her beautiful new baby girl. The youngest of her 3 children - little Zahra. How special this image will be to little Zahra as she gets older. So tiny in Mummy's hands.

42nd Collection