Lan Higgs

Fairfield (California)

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Christine Lan Photography

I'm a Northern California photographer. I photograph families, newborns, weddings, and high school seniors.

Winning photos

This super dad, along with his super wife, adopted these four boys at separate times. Fostering to adopt is an emotional path, which can sometimes include heartache. For this dad, this image shows the reward at the end of the rainbow as he teaches them how to shave.

83rd Collection

Pink is such a pretty color for a little girl and this image is full of pink joy! It's a magical day as it's raining hearts and the lovely cherry blossoms just tie it all together.

83rd Collection

I discovered this giant puddle in an old abandoned parking lot and I was excited to take pictures using it! Caleb, who is 3 years-old, was shy at first to walk into the puddle with his cute bear but once he got in he had some super jumps!

82nd Collection

Sebastian just turned 5, and his mom wanted to capture this special time in his life with her. Right before I took this photo, I told Sebastian to show his mom some love. He turned to her and this sweet moment happened.

81st Collection

It was a beautiful fall day and this sister with her younger brother captures the love and joy between siblings. I have watched their bond since the time little brother was born and they just grow closer each year.

80th Collection

Sharing an ice cream on a warm day with your best friend is the best! This was photographed at the Nut Tree, which opened in 1921 as a modest roadside stop in Vacaville, CA, eventually growing to become a world-famous road stop with a restaurant, toy store, and railroad connecting to the Nut Tree Airport. Over 100 years later, it is still a fun place for families to make memories such as this one of Logan (age 2) and Eli (cute dog).

78th Collection

This is the parents first child and it’s a girl! The hands of the parents lovingly embrace each other and show off the dainty feet of their precious baby.

77th Collection

As a young girl, I remember sneaking into my Mom's makeup and styling products to use on myself. It made me feel so grown up. This young girl of 9 years old adores her Mom and is having so much fun exploring all her mom's beauty product treasures.

76th Collection

Meet Logan (age 5) and Eli (dog). Logan and Eli are planning an adventure away from home. Logan is preparing Eli with the details of their journey and the challenges they will face together.

75th Collection