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4 in Germany

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Buschermöhle Fotografie

Hi! I'm Daniela and I'm a professional photographer from the northern west of Germany.
To take photos of love and live is my mission, my love, my vocation.

Winning photos

The girl jus saw the little wooden camera that I've got in my studio for guest children to play. She really fell in love with that little toy and played, that she was me, taking photos of her little brother.

Collection 72

It was a warm summer evening when I took this picture. Just a small lovely moment of interaction between best friends. Unfortunately I don't know what she said - but I guess it was something about some treats :-)

Collection 65

This photo was taken at the beach of Heiligenhafen, Germany. It was pretty windy and cold that evening, the sunset was the only golden sunset of a week - we were very lucky!

Collection 63