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2 years

Studio Name

Edoní Elizarzú Photography

I am Edoní, wife, mom and photographer.
I love working with the youngest members of the family.
I studied photography 8 years ago in different schools of Uruguay and Ecuador, and I specialized in newborn and family photography.
I love what I do!

Winning photos

My little girl surrounded by sunflowers! In love with this photo! A great afternoon with this girl!

83rd Collection

My little girl surrounded by sunflowers! In love with this photo since I saw it on the screen! Curious fact: the dress belonged to her mom when she was little

82nd Collection

Beautiful mom expecting for her second girl! A shoot full of outfit changes, but this one was perfect for her and this special moment!

82nd Collection

Expecting their first baby girl! We did a great shoot, in studio and outside! The conexion of this couple was magical

82nd Collection

Love is in the air… And this family is full of love. Waiting her little baby girl Allegra in this beautiful sunset! Love this pic

77th Collection

The new member of our family, our puppy named Vasco. He is a 2 month old labrador, and we are fascinated. This was his first photo shoot!

75th Collection

38 weeks pregnant mom expecting her first baby girl! I was fascinated by this photo from the first moment I saw it directly from camera

75th Collection

This beautiful couple came to record the sweet expectation of their baby girl. Love this photo with these autumn colors and their exchange of glances!

74th Collection

3 months old babies!! These little babies are triplets. While their little brother was fed, they wanted to continue sleeping together. This was a session full of love!

74th Collection

I love this photo! This beautiful mom come for maternity shoot. We did lot of photos. When we were almost finish we did this one, with water splash

73rd Collection

These triplets were 3 months old the day of their newborn shoot. As you can see, the boys were bigger in size than their little sister.
It was a beautiful and very calm home shoot. I love it!!

72nd Collection

My little girl in a field of sunflowers! On a sunny afternoon, we found this field and stopped to take some photos and enjoy the day

71st Collection

This beautiful mom is expecting her first baby, a girl. We did a great photo shoot, outdoors and in the studio! This photo is one of my favorites. We had a great time!

70th Collection

Mom expecting baby boy! This shots are always the favorites, with lots of fun! The older sister was in charge of moving the fabric and creating this effect!

68th Collection

Beautiful mom expecting her first baby girl. In the maternity sessions, we do some shots with special fabrics. Dads are in charge of making the fabric fly, and this creates this magical effect!

67th Collection

This photo was asked especially by the mom during the newborn session. I think it's a beautiful memory that will be forever in this familiy story.

64th Collection

This photo is very special for me because it´s a self-portrait with my daughter. We shoot this photo, before starting a newborn session in my studio. Clients were arriving, and I had already! We did only two shots and this is one.

61st Collection

Baby boy, 10 days old, held by mom and dad hands! Simple and timeless photo that parents and all loves. This is the perfect photo to remember how small your baby was.

60th Collection

Beautiful mom to be session, waiting for her second girl, combined with great sunset, in Uruguay.
We did some studio shots and also outdoor.

59th Collection

This beautiful mom is expecting her second baby girl. The older sister, of only 2 years old, is very happy with the belly and she wanted to participate very enthusiastically in this photo shoot.

57th Collection