Francisco Javier Torres Aledo

Francisco Javier

Torres Aledo


🇪🇸 Spain

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3 years

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Torres & torres Fotografía

Winning photos

I love outdoor photo shoots, they are super natural and a lot of fun, we have a great time and don't stop laughing, they are pure energy.
Very natural captures.

77th Collection

A photo that shows us the struggle of a mother in sports and real life, this mom is a soccer referee but above all she is a woman and a mom.

76th Collection

A session that we love to see our moms giving off that strength and elegance that leaves these wonderful captures, we loved being able to enjoy with this mom with the play of lights.

76th Collection

A really wonderful photo where the clothes do not cover how beautiful a pregnant and proud mom is, revealing the shine of her body without further adornment.

76th Collection

The combination of colours, lights, together with powerful and brave mums, leave captures as special and strong as this one. We are amazed to see the amazing result. Rocío showed us how will is power.

75th Collection

This pregnancy photo shoot was very special, to see this mother's flexibility and agility leaves us in awe, Patricia tells us that she is a yoga teacher, and every pore of her body reflects how more than a sport it is a way of life.

75th Collection

I love pregnancy sessions in the sea, and with the main light of a sunset, it gives us the opportunity to show the contours with a very beautiful light, the complicity of the couples together with the sunset makes a unique image.

74th Collection

It is amazing to be able to capture with the lens how life itself flows, we are very happy to be spectators of such wonderful moments like this.

73rd Collection

This capture is one of my favourites, you can always see the happy families enjoying the sea with their children, all under the watchful eye of my camera detailing how they are enjoying every moment.

73rd Collection

We love our manis when they feel like goddesses and, their beauty always multiplies, we love this capture, because it describes in detail the empowerment of the most beautiful wait.

73rd Collection

We were very excited to do this gold leaf session, seeing the result has been worth it, where a mother feels powerful, the whole set makes her feel like a goddess.

71st Collection

Our baths of milk of pregnant women, makes them disconnect from the everyday and look a little bit into themselves before birth, it is a pause before the baby of the family, she almost fell asleep of how relaxing and fortifying this session is.

71st Collection

There is no greater support than the hands that will hold you all your life, your parents. The simplicity of this photo makes it a wonderful photo, sometimes less is more.

71st Collection

There are days when you start a photo session and you think it will be very hard, but you insist and continue in your goal of getting some special photos, and in the end, perseverance pays off, a very large emotional charge and many happiness among sisters, something unique, delighted to be able to capture it in all its splendor.

56th Collection

There is a special beauty in all future moms who visit us, it is very great when they want to share this moment with their pets, and we love to receive them, they always impregnate a powerful and greater feeling that makes us remember why we chose this job.

55th Collection

Sometimes life offers you opportunities like this, not only is the capture impressive but our winner is the most special, stands out from all of them, due to her strong character with which we fell in love and she guided all the wonderful report

55th Collection

A session that we were going to do outside and it could not be, due to the still latent heat of our climate, leaves us this wonderful portrait of our beloved Stefy. This portrait is about how Sofia and Enzo will be with us soon, we are looking forward to seeing their faces.

54th Collection

Sometimes our little ones leave us wonderful moments that are etched in the retina forever. When complicity is twofold, instants of magic emerge, which I am proud to capture. With this result I feel that life is rewarding me, it is an honor to dedicate myself to photography.

53rd Collection

We dedicate this mention to all the children who have made communion this year for being brave and once again showing us that it takes little to be happy. In love with Claudia who left us a spectacular report, with her wonderful look.

53rd Collection

We cannot be more proud of our communication kids, because it is a very important moment in their lives, and in these delicate times that we are living, even more, it is being done in a very special and sentimental way, together with the families and their environment. closer, making these complicated moments of our 2020 more emotional and precious, for us it is a privilege to make it special.

52nd Collection