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Tiny little jewel dressed in a mint green.
Is there something cuter than those little adorable newborn outfits?

82nd Collection

Green/mint must be my favourite colours on newborn girls. I was never a fan of stereotypes and I think it also shows in how I style my newborn set-ups.

81st Collection

This amazing simple basket is my most requested prop by parents, I really love how versatile it is! This natural boho set-up worked so lovely for this adorable baby girl.

76th Collection

Little forest fairy. Sometimes it takes just one small element for the photo to stand out. Less is more, especially in newborn photography...

74th Collection

So peaceful ♥ Some babies hate this pose and some go in it so naturally. This baby was so curly and sleepy and posing him was such a breeze.

73rd Collection

This little boy started to dream with open eyes once I got him settled in this pose. He was not really awake although the photo looks otherwise. How cool is that?

73rd Collection

Isn´t a photo of a tiny baby with a little toy just the cutest thing you have ever seen?
This baby boy had his mind set of having his hand in fist so giving him a toy to hold just made for a perfect capture.

71st Collection

Parents choose bold colors for the newborn photos of their 3rd baby and I would say this one especially was a perfect fit for him.

71st Collection

This gorgeous mama is looking at her little 1.5 year old daughter which made her smile like this ♥ We can already see that her love is going to multiply soon!

70th Collection