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7 months

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Kidi Photography by Ella

Winning photos

Dream big, little boy.

95th Collection

Sweet little baby boy.

95th Collection

Little teddy baby.

94th Collection

Gorgeous mama to be.

94th Collection

5 months old Cutie.

93rd Collection

Autumn girl.

93rd Collection

For these Siblings Christmas this year is going to be very special. Their first Christmas with a little baby brother.

92nd Collection

Every moment in life is special. Baby first Autumn ever captured!

92nd Collection

4 weeks old Gabrielle.

91st Collection

I've been planning these sessions for years.

As I made my way there, I was filled with apprehension. Would my two-year-old want to have his pictures taken? Anyone who has dealt with children at that age knows how challenging it can be. On top of that, I had a two-month-old baby, which made this session even more demanding.

91st Collection

Gorgeous Mum to be. She posed like a pro.

91st Collection

This 2 months old boy was a pure pleasure to work with. Posed like a typical newborn baby and gave me the cutest smile ever.

91st Collection

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