Kristin Murrell



Annapolis, Maryland

🇺🇸 The United States

Studio Name

Kristin Murrell Photography

There is something so pure about witnessing the beginning of a new life. Through my lense I get to use my passion to capture the joy felt by a couple from the moment they find out they are expecting, to the excitement of a woman with a growing belly, to the love felt when they hold their child in their arms and every moment enjoyed as they embark on this journey called parenthood. As a family grows, there are endless moments, including how their tiny toes fit in the palm of a hand, the bond between siblings and the simple love felt between one another as a family. These are moments that you never get back as the next sun rises and as the seasons change. At Kristin Murrell Photography, I strive to not only share with you my genuine love of photography as I capture these moments in the most natural settings, I also create a whimsical ambiance that transpires through my photographs and give you truly timeless pieces.

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