Kristen Yeager



Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

🇺🇸 The United States

Studio Name

Little Blooms Photography

Chester County newborn and baby photographer, Kristen Yeager, is a highly sought after photographer specializing in baby's first year (maternity, newborns, babies) and young children. Often referred to as the baby whisperer, Kristen has photographed over 100 newborns and countless babies and children. She has taken safety courses and multiple in-person workshops, and is a certified and qualified newborn photographer. Her love of children and making a difference led Kristen to begin her professional years as an elementary school teacher and photography was simply a hobby while she took time off to raise her children, now ages 7 and 4.5. However, the hobby quickly turned into a full-time career as she loved being able to capture these important memories and details for families that she so cherished herself. Kristen couldn't love this "job" more and feels like this is her true calling.