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Little Feet Photography

Winning photos

I love to see them grow to be big brothers and sisters! This little guy keeps getting cuter and cuter and now he has a perfect little sister to be his partner in crime!

88th Collection

Some of the best images are the ones we didn't plan. I was so happy when I saw this jem after the photoshoot.

87th Collection

This little warrior came to my studio with his older brother and his mom. His mom was so anxious that he won't behave and we won't be able to get any good photos of him, but his personality was so bright that we ended up with a full gallery of awesomeness!

83rd Collection

I had the honor to be part of these sweet brothers christening. Their mother had prepared everything beautifully and I just loved this short moment when they were contemplating at the brand new all white clothes and shoes they were about to be changed in.

80th Collection

As a beginner photographer I used to be anxious with newborns being awake during photoshoots. As time passed by, I allowed myself to experiment and now I use every possibe moment when baby is awake and happy, to take a shot. These have become my favorite images.

79th Collection