Ram Nivas Venugopal

Ram Nivas



🇮🇳 India

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Coimbatore (India)



4 awards left until the Senior Member

1st place in India

With us

10 months

Studio Name

Engine Frame Studios

Winning photos

In this captivating photograph, pure joy emanates from the baby, filling the image with an infectious energy. Laughter spills forth from their open mouth, creating a heartwarming scene that exudes happiness. The atmosphere hints at a magical ambiance, with subtle hints of earthy tones adding depth to the composition.

90th Collection

In this delightful baby photography image, a charming little boy sits in a white chair, his face adorned with a captivating smile that fills the frame with wonder. The backdrop is reminiscent of a whimsical fun land, transporting us to a world of enchantment. The scene is adorned with delightful props, including a candy shop and an array of delectable cakes and desserts, adding a touch of sweetness to the captivating composition.

89th Collection

In a chiaroscuro of innocence and tranquility, this photograph showcases a sleeping newborn, delicately wrapped and cradled in a bowl on a chair. The image is enhanced by the playful interplay of shadows and light, highlighting the baby's peaceful features against a dark backdrop. Flanked by whimsical props including a small car, a lantern, flowers, and a woven toy, the composition creates a serene tableau, beautifully juxtaposing the vibrant infancy against the quietude of the setting.

88th Collection

Poised amidst a celestial tableau, this image captures a newborn ensconced in a star-shaped bowl, evoking a sense of serene wonder. The artful positioning, minimalist backdrop adorned with moon and stars, and the soft swath of cloth create a dreamlike scene, beautifully encapsulating the dawn of life's journey.

86th Collection

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