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Reut Avivi Photography

Hello everyone! I have been a photographer for over 8 years and specialize in family photography, pregnancy and children. I am passionate about capturing the beauty of nature in family photos and the amazing moments I get to see. I'm always looking for new and interesting places to explore and hopefully take some stunning photos. When I'm not out shooting, I spend time editing and tweaking my photos to perfection. I'm always looking to grow and improve my skills as a photographer, and I'm so excited to share my work with you all!

Winning photos

I had so much fun shooting this beautiful outdoor photo of this precious little one!
This is the little Nega who came for one-year photo shoots in my studio, a girl in the form of a doll, I fell in love ♥

82nd Collection

A perfect memory of the pregnancy in the wonderful garden next to my studio, the planning that a magical photo will come out exceeded expectations

81st Collection

Beautiful Abigail preserves the memory of her first pregnancy in exciting pregnancy photos in the beautiful nature,
The color combination of the dress and nature matched perfectly!

81st Collection

I photographed this little one when she was a few days old and since then I see her growing up to be something special, Snow White that's how I call her, she's just beautiful!

79th Collection

Lian and her little sister in a magical moment from a Buk Bat Mitzvah photo set


76th Collection

From a 3-year-old photo to the sweet Barry, a second before the balloon flew up into the sky, this exciting picture was captured, symbolizing in my eyes a breakup from the age of 3 and a breakup from his long hair

75th Collection

Every time it happens to me❣️
I sort the pictures and say it will win❣️ Not the second one will win❣️❣️ and that's how I want to publish the whole set❣️
This time I chose, one of many kinds that made me smile big, I photographed a doll❣️ Just a doll in the colors of winter ??? All so amazing❣️
The pictures just come out an artistic painting of our beautiful nature❣️
In the picture, the doll model Liv - I fell in love ???

69th Collection

In the picture modeling the sweet Rafael, in the one year old photos, he was so smiling and exceeded all my expectations, smiled his perfect smile in every set and set, just modeled perfection

69th Collection

Sweet Eileen in one year old photography, I photographed this doll when she was a few days old and today she is already celebrating a year, I am always happy to see these little dolls come back to me to see how they have grown and become beautiful! In the picture I took Eileen to a lovely corner in my beautiful garden with the perfect winter colors, it came out wintry and stunning

69th Collection