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Revital Photography

I started taking pictures about a decade ago and since then the passion for photography has not let go of me.
I make sure to take a camera with me at all times and everywhere, and thus I manage to capture images of unexpected situations that happen around me.
I look for a story in every frame and focus on photographing children and family.

Winning photos

In this beautiful picture we can see a vast golden wheat field stretching endlessly in the background, while two lovely young girls stand in the foreground. Both girls wear a long white dress and a classic wide-brimmed straw hat, which perfectly complement the rural landscape. The sunlight casts a warm, glowing light on their playful faces, and their cheerful expressions radiate pure happiness and contentment. The girls are no doubt enjoying the fresh air and freedom of the open fields in this delightful moment of peace and quiet.

86th Collection

The photo of Yuval in the wheat field is a beautiful sight to behold. It captures the essence of nature and the simple joys it brings.

85th Collection

I met sweet Yali at the beach just before sunset on his one year birthday, I brought a wheelbarrow photo prop and that's how I made Yali busy playing and I captured a magical photo!

84th Collection

Photography in the style of a fairy tale, Daniel sitting under a tree and reading a book in a magical atmosphere!

83rd Collection

Here is a picture I took of a beautiful child in nature. She's surrounded by the beauty of the natural world, and the sunlight is casting a warm, golden glow around her. It's a reminder of the beauty that can be found in nature and the joy of connecting with the world around us.

81st Collection

In this beautiful picture, the girl is wearing a crisp white dress that stands out against the backdrop of nature. She sits atop a vintage suitcase I found in a flea market, adding a unique element of charm to the scene. The colors of the foliage surrounding her add an extra layer of vibrancy to the image, creating an eye-catching contrast to the girl in white. It's a truly stunning photo that captures the beauty of nature and the joy of finding a unique, one-of-a-kind piece.

81st Collection

This is a photo I took in the Purim holiday in Isreal where all the kids dress up in costumes.
This girl- Maya- was dressed as a sweet magical teddy bear and was so cute!

80th Collection

I met this girl - Mia for a photoshot near a river with stunning plants, but only during the golden hour the photos were absolutely amazing and look at the results!!!

80th Collection

It was really exciting to make Noya's dream come true!
Noya is a nature girl and loves the sea and she really fell in love with the little mermaid.
I found the costume designer Yael who creates stunning handmade costumes - and look at the crown that just makes the difference!
And from that we put together a special set in nature and made Noya very happy.

79th Collection

I took this photo in the last fall. I chose to go to a park with a lake that has a magical beauty at sunset time.
This was a beautiful moment as the sun touched the girl and created a silhouette around her.
This photo makes me feel warm and happy beacuse it reminds me of my childhood.

78th Collection

Since the connection to nature is important to me, I decided to take this girl, Ariel to an orchard where we first picked oranges, squeezed them and made ourselves a natural drink. We turned everything into a connecting experience to nature.

I chose to photograph her when the fruit trees surround her and create a halo around her.

In order to achieve a magical image, there was a lot of thinking about the details of the clothing and Ariel brought with her a teddy bear that she can't part with, even for a moment.

76th Collection

Jonathan in a photo on the bank of the river with a boat that he managed to sail.
In the photos I use props that make the child feel relaxed and natural and I turn the photos into a game and an experience and the photos come out magical.

76th Collection