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Ashdod (Israel)

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Reut Avivi Photography

Hello everyone! I have been a photographer for over 8 years and specialize in family photography, pregnancy and children. I am passionate about capturing the beauty of nature in family photos and the amazing moments I get to see. I'm always looking for new and interesting places to explore and hopefully take some stunning photos. When I'm not out shooting, I spend time editing and tweaking my photos to perfection. I'm always looking to grow and improve my skills as a photographer, and I'm so excited to share my work with you all!

Winning photos

Designing a set in advance brings magical results so everything is purchased for this image even the corn cobs, My Roni in the picture with magical colors.

54th Collection

I always wanted to do this picture with the watermelon, of course, I tried it with my daughter and from the moment she touched the watermelon she didn't stop crying ... and then this princess came and did it perfectly!

52nd Collection

Shira 5 years old she just loves to photograph. This picture was taken under the persimmon tree in the golden hour and it came out as expected, perfect!

51st Collection

This photo was taken as part of a family photoshoot and this little model declared at the beginning of the photoshoot that she did not want to be photographed at all.
And in the end, she created this perfect image of her own volition, I undoubtedly won :)

50th Collection

The stunning peach blossom and Purim holiday were a perfect opportunity to take this picture of the sweetest Bambi ❤ Elinor ❤

48th Collection

The Image planning was an experience itself, just before the rain blushes and spring arrives we came out to make Art in the big puddles, love that girl!

47th Collection

She's only 6 years old and she does it better than models 20 and over, and I love that she flows with my craziness.

46th Collection

As part of a holiday photo set, I photographed this beautiful girl with the persimmon trees, I loved how her eye color stood out among all those green leaves.

46th Collection

Nature photos in a grove next to my home to one-year-old Sweetie Manor, It was the perfect time Just when the sun was in the right place, LOVE this picture!

45th Collection

Last moments when it's still warm outside and still have all this green in the vines before winter arrives, love this picture and this girl :)

44th Collection

A stunning 3-week old Abigail, The little princess of the house, perfect in purple.

43rd Collection

I took my beautiful baby girl to a Pomegranate field to take pictures for the New Year's Day greeting,
It turned out more beautiful than I expected.

42nd Collection

I had a goal for this year, to have a swing un my studio and I imagined exactly how it will look and how the picture will look, with the help of my talented brother we managed to do the swing and like invitation, came to me the perfect model, and the picture came out just perfect! More than I imagined!

37th Collection