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Number One Baby Photographer in 2024


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Number One Baby Photographer in 2024

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I am Ruggero Bruno . . .

IRRIPETIBILI was born from two of my passions: photography and my 3 daughters.

It grows to stop and capture those unrepeatable moments that we don't want to lose:

the excitement on your face when you feel your baby kicking in your belly, the love with which your daughter looks at you, the joy of your family when they play together . . . and also the beauty of your passion for dance, a portrait designed just for you that reflects your soul or your profession, the warmth of the hug with the person you love, the way he looks at you in love when you don't realize it . . . and also anything that needs to be remembered!

Winning photos

Growth Magic.

The onset of adolescence marks a transitional phase between being a child and becoming a girl.

The shadows envelop the figure creating a suspension of time while the lights guide our gaze to the face projected into the future.

The facial expression encompasses gentleness, delicacy and depth, but also a touch of mystery, a characteristic trait of this developmental phase.

95th Collection

Kiss me

The love you receive is a joy you can read on your face, nothing like the gentleness of a father makes you feel welcomed and supported!

94th Collection


Lying down towards heaven, the mother closes her eyes, immersing herself in her body and listening to her son. She waits confidently for his arrival. The light is gentle so as not to disturb the intimacy of this moment. The body that will later be the protagonist of the birth is now in a state of peace as if suspended in the time of waiting.

93rd Collection

Games of lionesses

A matriarchal portrait inspired by the figure of the lioness, which is both a metaphor for play and strength.
The figure of the mother who is stable in her position supports the three cubs who play at prevailing and grabbing the mother's attention.
These two images create the balance of forces between stability and dynamism, between firmness and irony, between strength and play.
In the girls' faces, however, there is no violent competition but sporting respect, which allows the portrait to communicate family serenity.

91st Collection

I believe in you
I believe in you, in your smile, in the depth of your gaze and in the possibility that you can change the world.
A shot to tell the importance of a hug today to feel supported tomorrow.

90th Collection

Unrepeatable moments

Photography has no time
neither past nor future.
It lives in the present of the observer,
a point of view in infinity
to make the moment eternal.

89th Collection

Yin and Yang

Mother and daughter, black and white, sweetness and determination.
This photo encapsulates many of the most complex aspects of the relationship between mother and daughter.
The mother stands at the feet of the daughter as a foundation for her growth, the daughter cuddles the mother in recognition of her role.
The mother's gaze is determined, extremely strong because her goal is of fundamental importance to her child's life.

88th Collection

The Matryoshka

Three sisters three years apart so similar that they could be matryoshkas.
In this shot each girl carves out her own space, expressing the uniqueness of her personality and the specific characteristics of her age.
In the photographic composition, the three figures fit together on several levels with equal weight, creating both dynamism and balance.

88th Collection

Enclosed emotions

White as the purity of feelings . . .
Soft as a soft embrace . . .
Symbol of abundance as the fertility of a mother . . .
Symbol of prosperity as the wish for a new life . . .
Cotton encloses and narrates the intimate emotions of pregnancy, which is why I have chosen its flowers to frame this first embrace between mother and her little one who has yet to meet . . .

87th Collection

Our Tomorrow

Mother and father caught observing their child while imagining its future.
One of the best ways to bring back real feelings in front of the camera is to help the subjects project hopes and dreams for the future.
This photo tells the whole story of the commitment, excitement and sweetness that two new parents have in imagining their child's growth path.

82nd Collection

Lines of intimacy

The backlight of black on white outlines the harmony and beauty of the pregnant woman's body, the large hat encapsulates in similar lines the intimacy of the exclusive emotions felt by the pregnant woman.

82nd Collection


Feeling you, holding you and supporting you in the palm of my hand, a unique emotion that returns every time I observe this moment.

81st Collection

A new me

In pregnancy you don't just change because of the girth of your belly: your soul changes so your face changes, your looks change...
as the baby grows so does the mother..
that is why it is important to immortalize this moment forever
and rejoice in this new beauty!

79th Collection

The first hug

Daddy's arms are the safest place the little one knows!
A shot to never forget . . .

78th Collection

The discovery

Motherhood is like a woman: a mystery to be discovered that will be illuminated by beauty.
The light and the covered but downward gaze tell of the discovery of this experience where the woman rediscovers her femininity in a new way.

77th Collection

From the womb to the arms

A silent shot like a sotto voce narration where the light rests gracefully on the subjects.
The details emphasize and describe the intensity of this process such as the hands that rest, contain and embrace: we see what the parents feel without seeing their gaze.

76th Collection

Darsi una mano
In this photo we capture the bond of two sisters,
a special friendship they have shared since the beginning of life.
The black background expresses the mystery of the life that awaits them.
The centre of the work is the handshake expressing trust and the ability to support each other.

73rd Collection

In this portrait, where the black and white enhances the gentle lines, the position of the hands frames the face drawing attention to the facial features.
Our gaze is captured by the eyes, which enhanced by the contrast black on white, are magnetic and make us feel as if we were under a spell.
The girl's face rests between cotton clouds that create a dreamy atmosphere.

69th Collection

Two different moments of a woman before and after birth are mirrored in contrasted black and white.
Alternate details on her face reveal contrasting emotions: joy and tiredness, dream and worry.
Thus the mirror becomes a link between the expectations of the past and the answers of her future.

67th Collection

The pearl
Mum and dad’s hands embracing their baby girl like a shell protects its pearl; a metaphor for describing that they’ll guide and care for her throughout her life. The softness of the baby’s little hands closing gently on her face is next to her father’s big hands to enhance the beauty of newborns in their first so precious days.

65th Collection