Natasha Halimi

Los Angeles (United States)

It all started when I was a kid myself & loved taking care of babies. I actually thought getting to give a baby a bottle and change a diaper was a privilege! Needless to say, moms loved having me around. As I became a teenager, I discovered the camera & it was love at first sight! I mean, there's a small little black box that you can push a button on & it freezes a moment forever. It captures life. It paints with light. How could I not be in love?! I started taking photography classes in high school & took pictures of everything! Especially my baby sister who was born when I was 17! My two passions, children & photography, were combined. Here we are more than a decade later & my heart is so full. I get to capture the purest form of love. New life. I love capturing love & I feel blessed to be doing it everyday :)

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