Limor Samovich




🇮🇱 Israel

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Haifa (Israel)



4 awards left until the Senior Member

19th place in Israel

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4 years

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A veteran photographer from Israel.
Mother of five children.
A teacher of architecture and mathematics in the past
Specializing in New Born, Children and Family Photography. Delivers courses and workshops for beginner and advanced photographers.
Mentor for photographers
Winner of photography awards

Winning photos

This 7 month old baby boy did not want to be next to this teddy bear. We tried to make him laugh and then we got a second..
Lucky me, I was ready with my camera!

90th Collection

The parents of this sweet baby have been waiting for her for a very long time. The excitement was very great from each set... This set in my favorite purple colors in particular. Potato sack.

53rd Collection

Usually, it starts with choosing the concept, personal story, or choosing models. The story of this picture begins in a location that is really close to home and I would pass by it every day and I could not see the magic of the place until that morning. I live in a kibbutz, this kibbutz is like a small village with a cooperative community, which includes agriculture.
Years ago everyone would take part in the care of the farm, agriculture, children, and parents. So I decided to put the story of the kibbutz based on agriculture into this special frame. The picture was taken a year before the Corona crisis, I waited a year to get exactly the same frame, but unfortunately, we were closed and the season passed. Thank you for your love.

51st Collection