Oksana Gimelfarb




Number One Baby Photographer in 2024

Tel Aviv

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Number One Baby Photographer in 2024

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Newborn and baby photographer

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The sweetest dreams. You will sleep, you are warm and cozy. I take care of everything!

92nd Collection

I personally really like pictures of siblings with the little newborn, it's a new world for them and they bring so much concern and emotion to the little siblings, it's exciting.

90th Collection

Bat Mitzvah is a wonderful age when a girl celebrates her growing up.
In Israel, it is customary to do a photo shoot to capture this touching period of life.
Beautiful Noa is celebrating her 12th birthday.

89th Collection

Our parrot named Oscar loves children very much,
he is always and everywhere in the spotlight and of course at photo shoots, photos with him are emotional, real and interesting.

88th Collection

Milk bath is one of the most favorite types of filming for kids, there are only laughter and joy here.

85th Collection

This photo was taken in support of Ukraine.
There is so much warmth, love, care, peace and freedom in her, these are the main qualities that are important to our future generation !!!

79th Collection