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Anja Maesen Photography

I am a Belgian photographer , specialised in newborn and maternity photography.
I create many of the clothes and props myself to have that unique feel to my photographs.
It's so rewarding to give these lasting memories to the parents of their most precious babies.

Winning photos

I love to experiment with lighting in my studio. This way, the focus is only on the beautiful mom-to-be... Simple but beautiful...

Collection 81

This amazing mom came to me for her maternity and now I had her in my studio with her beautiful little girl... Aren't they just adorable?

Collection 81

This little girl come for her first Birthday shoot together with her pregnant mom.
It was so beautiful to see both shining during the shoot. The connection with the camera was superbe.

Collection 78

Sweet little Nora...
This little girl was a dream, she was so cute cuddling the little teddy bear.
Always glad to catch a smile on these precious little faces.

Collection 78

I loved to incorporate the parents' hands in this heart pose... This little man was just so sweet and the mustard colour pops out but keeps the attention on the baby...

Collection 78

I feel blessed to welcome this beautiful little girl in my studio. She was so amazing and really adorable. I think this cute cat outfit looks tremendous on her. Isn't she the cutest?

Collection 76

This beautiful family came to my studio and I am honoured I could give them this nice family portrait.
Little brother wasn't very keen on posing, so we got lucky we had this shot...

Collection 75

This cute smile of the baby when big brother came to sit next to him is really the cutest thing ever!
Family is just everything and I'm happy to be able to give such pictures to this nice family.

Collection 74

It was a pleasure to photograph this beautiful family with their amazing daughter.
Parents pictures used to scare me, but they are now as important as the baby pictures itself.

Collection 72

The love for each other and for their little boy is the first thing you see with these 2 mama's.
Such a lovely and tender family.

Collection 71

This is Vince at only 6 days old. Although I am a real prop photographer, I sometimes love the simplicity of shooting on the table. And this cutie loves it too, look at that smile.

Collection 70

This little fox Apollo of 9 days old is gently sleeping in the moon... He was such a good boy.
I was truly blessed to have him in my studio.

Collection 70

This beautiful girl Rosie was so cute and good, just like a dream. Here I placed her in the wooden heart with the cute kitten bonnet and stuffed kitten. The soft mohair material in combination with the hard wood is in perfect harmonie for this picture.

Collection 69

I was so proud to photograph our national best singer with her little babyboy. The love from mom to her baby is so precious. Very happy to be able to capture this.

Collection 69

Here we have the beautiful Xenia with her little girl Rosie. Since she came to me for her maternity before, I was able to make this beautiful reflection picture.

Collection 68