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Hi, I am Vicky, 40 years old and I’m a Belgian photographer. I have 2 young daughters of 6 and 3 years old which are my very own little models. Besides my photography business I’m also working as a speech therapist.
In the past, I used to photograph nature, landscape and architecture, but now I’m all hooked up on newborn and portrait photography! I love love love capturing emotion and I have a predelection for black and white photography. I am a perfectionist and I keep improving my work every single time. Photography is my passion and I do it with all my heart! If you book a shoot with me, I will give you all of me! let’s create soms memories...

Winning photos

My sweet, little girl Maëlle. She’s almost five and has her own funny expressions. I just love to take pictures of her.

93rd Collection

Mommy and me sessions are one of my favorite sessions. You can see so much love and feel the strong connection between a mother and her child. Love it.

93rd Collection

A sweet portrait of this one year old girl. I just love her expression.

93rd Collection

Another beautiful mommy and me portrait. During the session, I just take lots and lots of pictures, so we can choose the best expressions. The soft color tones work so well.

92nd Collection