Izambella Kakoushia




🇨🇾 Cyprus

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Famagusta (Cyprus)

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1 year

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Vintage Photography Studio

Hi, i am Izambella, a professional photographer in Cyprus. Vintage Photography Studio take a place in 2012 and has many awards and honors in international competitions. My team has creative and highly energetic persons. My photography life starts on 2004 and has many different disciplines of photography but my heart belongs to newborn, maternity and family photography. I feel so blessed to be a part of any family memory. In kids's smile i get my strongly inspiration! In my pictures you will see a reflection of my passion.

Winning photos

Mum deserve to feel airy and fresh!

91st Collection

Maternity romance!

90th Collection

When you give love, you get love!

90th Collection

A body that deserves respect and love!

89th Collection

Maternity mystery!
Woman’s body perfection!

88th Collection

Mom’s hug!
Always and ever!

88th Collection

Photographing a pregnant woman is something that gives you inspiration. the situation itself radiates something romantic, something sacred, something you want to create to last forever as a sweet memory. the woman who hosts a new life in her body deserves to be unique and respected!

87th Collection

Breastfeeding! A trip you dream about before it even begins. Which looks like magic but behind it hides difficulties. Sacrifices and fatigue. But when your baby look at you in the eyes is enough to make you feel absolute relax, enjoy, happiness, nostalgic and blessed. How perfectly nature made us! To be able to offer to our babies the absolute peace of mind! Safety and satisfaction. Support and encouragement.

83rd Collection

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