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Nata Von Leo Photography

Hi! It’s me, Natalija! My amazing path to photograph the most precious moments of people has started in 2016. I am based in Cyprus and run my cozy studio Nata Von Leo Photography based in Limassol. I specialize in maternity, newborn and family photography.
My aim is to create artistic memories full of love and emotions for every family who trust me to capture the most special moments in their lives like birth of a baby, pregnancy and another memorable occasions for many generations.

Winning photos

Elegance and grace were the main inspirations to create this picture.

98th Collection

What can be more cute than your first birthday. Beautiful baby boy with his handsome smile in front of my camera.

98th Collection

There is nothing more important than victory in sports. However, better than taste of victory is only a path of becoming a strong player on and out of the field.

Charming 12 years old Nicol and her passion to volleyball.

97th Collection

Past fantasy is a toy in the hands of nowadays newborn baby. Don’t stop dreaming! Nowadays fantasy will become a toy in the hands of or children’s grandkids.  Beauty in simplicity of colours and shapes.

96th Collection

Motherhood is like the Everest. Hard to reach the pick, but at the same time you become the most powerful person for your child.

95th Collection

Twins is a true miracle. It's two different persons who has unbelivable magic bond from the moment they are born. This special connection goes beyond words, and their ability to understand each other without even speaking is truly remarkable. Twins bring double the joy, laughter, and love into the world, making them a truly wonderful and fascinating pair to behold. I always feel blessed when I get a chance to capture this little miracles.

95th Collection