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New York City, New York

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Endless Memories

My name is Alina, and I ABSOLUTELY love what I do!

Through my creativity and inspirations, I invite you to bring bits of my stories into your home's and life's.

My pictures tell my stories!

See through a different lens!

Let's take this journey together and make
Endless Memories one click at a time!

Winning photos

Gorgeous mommy to be, Joanna, is adding her 2nd edition to her family! Beautiful baby boy is going to make his grand arrival in July 22'.

74th Collection

Samantha is currently a mommy to two amazing girls. Yet did she know, she was going in on another ride very soon!
It was the second week of January 2022, which also falls on beautiful mommy to be, Samantha's birthday.
Samantha was laying in bed one night and felt kicks! She was so shocked that she did not understand what was happening with her at the time. The next morning, she called her doctor and told her what had happened, and the doctor had asked if she had taken a pregnancy test. Samantha thought to herself, she does not look pregnant at all, that there was no way!

Later in the day, she took a pregnancy test and found out she was pregnant with her third blessing!
Once she made the appointment with the doctor, she was notified she was already 22 weeks pregnant, and was having a beautiful miracle baby boy, which will be completing her family very soon.

73rd Collection