Kaoru Yoshida




🇯🇵 Japan


With us

4 months

Studio Name

Cozy Nap

My name is KAORU.
I am a Japanese photographer.

I most important thing we want to express in Cozy Nap's newborn photos is the angelic cuteness of the baby with a touch of elegance.

I will photograph with all our hearts to capture the moments of elegance and refinement that emerge not only from the outside but also from the inside.

When my own child was born,
I felt it was the happiest moment
when I saw his peaceful sleeping face.

I would like to deliver as many of these precious moments to as many people as possible.

Winning photos

Together forever and ever.

91st Collection

Inside mommy hands.

91st Collection

I love the scent of autumn / fall! It’s a sweet mix of dried leaves, cinnamon, pumpkins, and crisp air.

91st Collection

Two are close sisters.

91st Collection

I was born to feel loved and to make our hearts happy.

90th Collection

I hope everyone will be surrounded by love.

90th Collection

Have a nice dream.

89th Collection

Live, love, laugh, and be happy.

89th Collection

My happiness has quadrupled.

89th Collection

Remember the inside of Mom's tummy.

88th Collection

Always together from the time we were born.

88th Collection

Beautiful light and shadow, cute baby sleeping peacefully.

88th Collection

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