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Midland, Texas

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100$ for hours of work


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Kimberly Cowan Photography

I'm a maternity and newborn photographer based in West Texas.

Winning photos

I love when I get the babies who just want to sleep through it all. Baby Lincoln was a dream to work with. This is the time of the year when things start to slow down for my studio so I love when I get a little extra free time to create something wonderful and magical for my parents here in West Texas. Being huge Harry Potter fans, I couldn't resist creating a composite for them to hang and cherish for years to come.

22nd Collection

He is truly King of all the Wild Things!
We had such a great time at this little guys session and my first Where the Wild Things Are themed photoshoot for newborns.

21st Collection

Who doesn't like Harry Potter and Babies? Baby's parents are big fans and I was beyond thrilled when momma brought in her full book set and props for me to photograph her brand new baby in!

18th Collection

Do teddy bears dream?
Baby Ian is a miracle NICU baby. He spent his first 8 weeks of life in the hospital born at 34 weeks. When momma brought him into the studio he was still a tiny guy at 5lbs but was so cuddly and didn't mind being posed for the camera.

18th Collection

I'm a sucker for fun theme inspired sets. When daddy is StarWars biggest fan then you just can't help but dress baby up as the famous Princess Leia.

10th Collection

Baby girl is the smallest baby I have photographed to date over the years at 5lbs and this is one of my favorite portraits to date. Sweet girl is in a simple knit bonnet with a purple princess flower set up and vintage ivory bed.

10th Collection

Sweet girl came in and was like a dream wrapped up wearing a vintage inspired bonnet in the potato sack pose. I can tell she's going to be a great beauty someday like her mom.

10th Collection

This is the beautiful Baby Juliana, nestled sweetly amongst the flowers, butterflies, and jewels. A portrait fit for a princess.

7th Collection

Oh the beautiful baby Aivlee! She's one of my hello baby milestone planners and this was a custom set up for her 6 month photoshoot. She's totally gorgeous in this soft pink set up.

7th Collection

Oh this cute baby was a treat! Momma requested nautical theme to match baby's nursery and he slept away in his little comfy dream boat.

5th Collection

I was so excited when momma came to me a few months ago wanting me to photograph her new baby boy. She requested that I do something for daddy because he was a career lineman. I had one of my best vendors whip up an outfit and I intended to just put baby in daddy's work belt like so many other photographers before me but then something clicked during his newborn session and I quickly grabbed up props I had and captured this darling photograph. Who would have thought that it would have be as popular and unique as it is!

5th Collection

I was going for a vintage theme and baby Londyn at 14 days old was the perfect baby for it. Totally sweet and easy to photograph she dreamed away in her perfect little bed of fire tipped orange roses.

4th Collection