Karina Koba



New York, New York

🇺🇸 The United States

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Saint Petersburg (Russia)





2 awards left until the Senior Member

14th place in The United States

83rd place in Russia

With us

6 months

Hi there! My name is Karina Koba. I'm a mother of a wonderful 9 years old son, wife and a professional newborn photographer. I specialize in newborn and children photography.
My work makes me happy every single day and how wonderful it is to to be that very person who can freeze that special moments of your life! I enjoy meeting every baby and try to make every session unique.

Winning photos

Newborn Varvara is the true embodiment of spring and beauty 🌿

96th Collection

Little Yasmina peacefully sleeps in creamy caramel and cream softness🤎

96th Collection

It's rock'n'roll baby 🎸

95th Collection

Mother's & father's treasure A 🩷

95th Collection

Sleeping beauty✨️

94th Collection

A beautiful story for Galina and her newborn sweetheart ❤️

92nd Collection

It's a great pleasure to create a unique fairytale story for every family. Enjoy one of them🐇

91st Collection

It is so safe in strong daddy's hands...
Frozen unforgettable memories, the cutest moments captured - all this is about a newborn sessions for babies.
I enjoy every single session, every single baby I work with - my work is a happiness itself.

90th Collection