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G&L Studio

I’m the founder and chief photographer of G & L studio. An award-winning portrait photographer with more than 10 years of rich experience in child & family photography and wedding photography. I believe portrait photography is the art of capturing the individuality of people and telling their own stories. Thus, we are committed to creating photos that are not only beautiful but also meaningful and memorable. Through our photography service and the customized Staged Photo, your very own story or even fantasy will become eye-catching art pieces.

Winning photos

Jillian loves pretend-play. We created this surreal picture portaging Jillian holds an imaginary tea party with girls from different eras. From the Medieval Ages, Victorian Era, Roaring Twenties, to the Swinging 50s and Hippie 70s. All the characters are played by Jillian herself.

76th Collection

This is one of a series photos that I took during the Chinese New Year. I would like to create a Chinese traditional painting style photo with simple color background and minimal props. It’s simple yet full of fun.

75th Collection

Luke loves marine lives but he’s afraid of the ocean. I guess he would probably love traveling in a ship or submarine because he can enjoy watching fishes without getting wet. It makes me think what would make the odd situation even more bizarre? A landlubber young sailer whose colleague is a zebra!
Though neither of them look like a good swimmer, at least they both enjoy having a drink together in a ship/submarine sailing to the deep sea.

75th Collection