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This is a story about friendship between two young souls. The boy is trying to impress her with his singing, and it seems like it is working in his favor. :)

83rd Collection

The magical moment at the Folsom Lake in California. This boy's face is saying it all.

83rd Collection

After a long and really rainy winter the sun just came out for a couple of days for us to capture this beautiful mama's last weeks of her pregnancy.

83rd Collection

It was the First for both of us. The first baby for this beautiful mama and the first maternity session for me as her photographer. It was peaceful, magical and full of life!

81st Collection

Looking for the new adventure.
After stopping on the side of the road at their favorite library, pausing for a second trying to figure out where to head next.

81st Collection

This boy's face was lit with joy when he saw so many of his favorite fruits around. It was a lovely evening. Just a couple of weeks before the mandarins were harvested.

81st Collection

The Boy and his best friend up for next adventure. After moving from Arizona where they had no Autumn, the leave changing color experience really excited them both.
New colors, new smells new everything...

80th Collection

The magic was everywhere this Fall. There were Jack-O-Lanterns, witch hats, spiders and pumpkins. Halloween was alive at Yosemite National Park this season. Turned out it was the boy's favorite holiday this year. His imagination inspired me to create this story.

80th Collection

This California Pumpkin Patch experience was the first in his life for this little 3-year-old. You can see how truly magical it was for him. There was something about the Pumpkin this Autumn. Something so special, that the boy would remember every day till Christmas.

80th Collection

Mama's little helper:)
It was a perfect day to get those rubber boots on and get a little dirty. You can see the excitement on the boy's face when he saw that water drip down the sunflower leaves. It was a win-win situation for everybody: the boy, the photographer, and the flower:)

76th Collection

Since day one, the dog was the boy's best friend and companion. Every day is a new adventure for these two. Whether it be getting into a little trouble or sharing a good treat.

75th Collection

This was the first time the little boy saw mandarin fields. After moving from Arizona, he just discovered the magic of California's natural growing fruits.

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