Natia Dundua



Tel Aviv

🇮🇱 Israel

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Petaẖ Tiqwa (Israel)

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350$ per hour



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21st place in Israel

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4 months

Studio Name

הסטודיו של נטיה - Natia's photography studio

I am Natia
Full time mom and photographer
I started my journey in the world of photography twenty years ago when my eldest son was born. So I bought the first camera and from then on a lifelong love story began. Over the years, the passion for photography only grew stronger, and I acquired a lot of professional tools that eventually led to the opening of the business, a dream come true, which allows me to work at what I love to do the most. Together with you, I am making your dream come true, of parents and young couples, of grandparents and girls and boys of Bar and Bat Mitzvah age, to build a fine and personal photo book for every event.

I specialize in newborn photos, nothing compares to the feeling of happiness of new parents during the photos, pregnancy and one year old photos, photos for mitzvah boys and girls and family shoots.

The most important thing for me, beyond the photography itself, is the personal relationship with each client. I create for them magical and pleasant atmosphere that make them feel all the love in the world, so that they not only be photographed but also have an exciting and special experience and enjoy the whole process.