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Courtney Morgan Photography

Courtney Morgan Photography is a fine art portrait studio located in North Texas. She specializes in creating custom heirloom artwork for her clients homes, in a way that is pure, natural, and timeless.

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Power, beauty, and grace. All wrapped up in one. Becoming a mother is a beautiful experience. There's something powerful knowing that you grew another human and brought them into this world. Then having the privilege of watching them grow and develop into their own individual. There's no greater gift.

74th Collection

A fox in a box. Creating images with meaning is my goal for every session. Mom really wanted a "fox Picture" to hang in their home. This little one was a little less than cooperative, but with a little work, we made it happen.

47th Collection

One of my favorite things about photographing babies is watching them grow with the First Year Collection. I've known this little one (and her big sister) since before they saw Earthside. It's always a little bittersweet when that first-year session rolls around and I don't get to see them as often.

47th Collection

The images we create speak with no words. They tell a story for the family and capture emotion and memories to last a life time. This little bubba will never get to know his older brother, but will hear the stories of him as he grows up. Older brother's nickname was Bumblebee.

46th Collection

Texas skies provide some of the most amazing sunsets. Pair that with a beautiful mama-to-be, and you get something truly special.

45th Collection

Weather in Texas can be unpredictable, to say the least. The day before and the day after this session, it was cold and rainy. We debated on rescheduling but decided to move forward the day of the session. I'm so happy we did. The weather was perfect and the sunset over the lake was beautiful.

44th Collection

The glow of motherhood is unmatched, although the glow of this setting sun sure did try. This was baby number four for this family, and they decided to keep the gender a surprise until birth. After staying snuggly tucked in a week longer than expected, the baby boy finally made is debut and got to meet his sisters and brother.

42nd Collection

Purple is one of my favorite colors to use in newborn photography. I found this scrap material a few years ago and finally found the perfect backdrop to match. Working with parents, I get to learn their wants. When this mama mentioned her favorite color is purple, I knew it was meant to be.

42nd Collection

Capturing the first year is so important. At no point in you little’s life do they change more. This little cutie was in for her sitter session, and was a little shy at first, but was all smiles as we got into her session.

40th Collection

This big sister already loves her little sister. During our session, she would give the sweetest hugs and kisses to her and said she can't wait to meet her. I can't wait until the newborn session to see these two together, Earth Side.

39th Collection

This baby's mama loves sunflowers, so we worked to create an image that was double-meaningful to her. Sunflowers represent loyalty, strength, and adoration. They can grow just about anywhere they are planted. What a great way to show your baby how strong and powerful they are, as well as how much you adore them.

38th Collection