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2nd place in Australia

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Very Photique Photography

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Dream sweet dreams little one - of sugar and spice and everything nice! Newborn photography is one of my favorite categories to photograph. Nothing sweeter than a little baby wrapped all snug and sound asleep.

49th Collection

Like a renaissance art piece, this beautiful portrait of a glowing mother-to-be is timeless and exquisite. I absolutely love the soft and delicate tones of the flowers in this backdrop. Its a combination of my favorite muted colors. When it arrived in my studio my first thought was to use it in a maternity photo shoot. I'm so happy I did. This is my version of 'mother in bloom'.

46th Collection

This photo of this beautiful mummy-to-be was taken in a dreamy milk bath and incorporated all of her favorite flowers. The purity of the white milk bath ensures my exquisite subject is the main focus. That, together with the flowers and vines, give this image a natural and organic look. This is my interpretation of Mother Nature in her purest form.

40th Collection

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