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Osher Eden Pashinsky

Petaẖ Tiqwa (Israel)

My name is Osher Eden Pashinsky , I am the mother of Aviv, Emma and Or and married to Itay.
I started my career in a different field of photography but still related, as the owner and CEO of Pashbar Ticket & production Office.
I discover that this world is interwoven with the photography world like every part of our lives. Photography means documentation, and I always have the desire and need to document my moments and those around me.
So I decided to step up and learn professional photography And from the moment I entered this world of photography I don't want to leave it. I constantly challenge myself and learn from the best in the field and of course continue to evolve every day.
I am a person who is very attracted to the field of design and aesthetics, so it is important for me to express my personal touch and style in my pictures as well.
During my studies I discovered photoshop that drew me even more into the world of creatio Human Magic.

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