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Hello, welcome to the online portal Baby Photo Awards, the best place to find the right baby photographer with a lot of experience in the beautiful city of Calgary. Here you can see various types of works dedicated to maternity and newborn babies. The works are made in various styles and perfectly reveal the theme of the birth of a child in its pristine beauty. We hope they will help you make the right decision and choose a worthy author for the best newborn photography in Calgary. In any case, we simply do not have bad performers, this is proved by the examples of photo sessions, as well as numerous positive reviews from grateful parents.

Photo session of newborn babies will give you unique pictures of the first smiles, sweet sleep, and tender kisses from the father and mother. Of course, in the future, there will be many more special photos of your baby, but the photo session of newborns is the most unique because time will pass and it will be difficult to remember the beauty of the first days of your child's life. Photos with sleeping cute babies are best done in the first two weeks after birth. The baby is mostly asleep, so it is easier for the photographer to arrange the child in the right position and take the perfect picture.

Our masters can take beautiful photos of your baby in any suitable place. The decision is always yours. The best baby photographers in Calgary can come to your home with the necessary props and equipment. You can shoot in a spacious studio with all the necessary precautions choosing different styles, as well as take amazing photos in the most picturesque places in Calgary. The main thing you should worry about is to contact the photographer and discuss all the details of the upcoming shoot in advance. Be sure that your baby will make a great model and his amazing photos will please your family for a long time.

  • 9 images selected 9 Tamara Duffy Calgary (Canada) Hi there, I am Tamara of Tamara J. Photography. As a newborn photographer, it brings me great joy to provide new parents with those precious moments of their new baby in their first days of life. I enjoy capturing all those adorable poses, from their tiny hands right up to those tiny lashes on their eyes. Aside from the standards of newborn photography, I like to take newborn portraits to a higher level. With my digital artistry, I enjoy creating magical portraits where baby is composed into a portrait that cannot be created in reality. These portraits are an exclusive feature to the services I provide to my clients. With my studio within my home, I am able to provide a safe and warm studio environment with the comforts of home. Trained, licensed and insured, I'll always have your baby and their safety at first priority throughout the entire process of your experience. Thank you for taking the time to read my profile. Tamara J. Photography
    Newborn, maternity and baby photographer Tamara Duffy (Tamarajphoto). Photo of 14 September