Alexia Alexandridou




🇬🇷 Greece



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3 years

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A glowing mother-to-be stands enveloped in shimmering gold fabric, her hands cradling her growing belly. The radiant hues cast a warm glow, accentuating her serene beauty and the anticipation of new life.

96th Collection

Meet the newest wrangler in town, sporting a pint-sized cowboy hat that’s almost as big as they are! This little buckaroo might not be riding horses just yet, but they’ve already got that wild west charm down pat. Watch out, world, there’s a new sheriff in town, and they’re ready to wrangle some cuddles and kisses! 🤠👶🏼

96th Collection

The rich hue of her dress mirrors the deep passion and love she holds for her unborn child, while the soft glow envelops them both in an aura of warmth and tenderness. This intimate moment captures the essence of maternal love in its most romantic form.

96th Collection

The image captures the beauty and tranquility of this moment, evoking a cinematic atmosphere that is both intimate and timeless.

96th Collection

Cradled by the whispering trees, a peaceful slumber in nature's embrace. Welcome, sweet one. 🌿

95th Collection

Capturing timeless elegance in monochrome beauty, celebrating the last moments of anticipation before welcoming new life.

95th Collection