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This captured image emanates a surreal and dreamy quality that celebrates the beauty and wonder of motherhood.

85th Collection

this little guy is one of the smallest babies I've ever photographed. the parents wanted a simple photo shoot and so I created this simple scene where the little one fit perfectly. Doesn't he remind you of a scandalous peter pan who is ready ,when he wakes up, to fly to his neverland?

85th Collection

The color gold is a symbol of wealth, prosperity in many cultures. To me it represents the preciousness of new life, the hope and assumption of the future and the illumination of the soul. In Magdalene's body, I wanted to capture the magic and wonder of this special time and honor the beauty and uniqueness of each woman's journey.

85th Collection

Even though the baby was over 2 months I wanted to create something very dreamy for this beautiful family, so during their session I thought of this image and I’m very happy that the mother loved my idea and went through with it ✨💚

83rd Collection

The family of this beautiful newborn baby girl had to travel 1,5 hour to come over to my studio and have the session , I’m extremely happy to won an award for this particular image , because it’s one of my favorites!!

83rd Collection

One of my favorite images because it was one that I saw first in my mind and then manifested!! It nearly took us 1,5 hours but it was definitely worth it !!

79th Collection

The session with this beautiful newborn baby was a special gift from her uncle and this set up was the last that I created. The baby had the most calm and relaxed face and I wanted to capture it with simplicity ????

77th Collection