Poultouhidou Katerina




🇬🇷 Greece

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2 years

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My name is Katerina and I am mom of two wonderful children .
I started photographing newborns after the birth of my own children, in fact it is my third baby, I started it with a lot of love , passion and tenderness .
I feel very blessed that I can simultaneously combine my love for babies with tenderness and imagination in one image.

Winning photos

The sleeping beauty is sleeping and she is dreaming of a flowery world🌷
Thank you for the award.

97th Collection

Like a fairy tale hero the little miss dreams.

94th Collection

All the lights turned on for you! It's your first magical Christmas! You are the most special gift… ❣️🌲❣️

92nd Collection

I had in my hands a real doll that I admired her beauty, but that day she was terribly worried that I thought I wouldn't be able to photograph her... but she helped us and in a very short time we took excellent pictures! Her mother and grandmother they will have to say when he grows up!😊

91st Collection

When I saw this little girl with the orange hair I really fell in love with her. I wanted to make a picture like it came out of the pages of a fairy tale. Surely this picture has many stories to tell🫶🏻

91st Collection

It's an image that I created with a lot of fun and love! I really fell in love with this sweet face from the first moment. The parents were moved and so was I! Thank you🫶🏻

89th Collection

It was a great photo session with lots of great photos. In this one I can't get enough of looking at how beautiful the lighting is and how good it looks on that pretty little face.Thank you🫶🏻

89th Collection

when you do what you love and it wins then it is an important reason to be happy. This little gentleman allowed me to do the froggy pose and the parents were very happy in my studio.

87th Collection

I am very happy for this award. Mom and I were talking a while ago about how much she wanted us to do this pose. she came to my studio from a long way away. she went through risks as soon as the baby was born in the clinic. she overcame everything and her son gave her the most beautiful pose at the end!🤍

86th Collection

That pure happiness expecting your first baby ... unforgettable moments for a lifetime. Seeing this image when the years pass, she will remember exactly this happiness.🤍Thank you🤍

84th Collection

It is one of the many photoshoots we have done with this beautiful family. With great joy and fun and love we chose colors and props and all these feelings showed in the final result 💗

83rd Collection

I am really very happy for this award. This mother trusted me for the 2nd time to do pregnancy photography and I wanted to do something very beautiful???

79th Collection

This mother came to my studio from another city, at first she was thinking of something else for photography concept , but when I asked if she likes butterflies, she said Yes! so me and the husband ended up sticking the butterflies on her. She was very happy with the result!

78th Collection