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🇳🇱 Netherlands

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Rotterdam (Netherlands)



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5th place in Netherlands

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11 months

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Vienna's Photography

Hi! My name is Vienna. I am a photographer who specializes in photographing the first year of life and pregnancies.

What I like most about my profession is that I can capture this special moments and give this back to you as a memory through my photos.

Be welcome! And of course I would love to see you in my studio! Greetings Vienna

Winning photos

Beautiful mother with her child 💛
As a photographer you have poses in your mind that you want to try and this one was on my wishlist for a while! With such a beautiful mother and child, it is perfect! 😍

97th Collection

This beautiful three month old baby was so lovely to photograph! He was really looking to me through the camera.

94th Collection

This cute 1 month old baby didn’t want to sleep in the session, so i makes photos of him while he was awake and i really love his eyes!

94th Collection

During the cake smash shoot of the little girl, we took a moment to take photos of the two sisters together. Isn’t it sweet to see the sister love?

93rd Collection