Anna Walstra-sosinowska



The Hague

🇳🇱 Netherlands

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Rotterdam (Netherlands)



3 awards left until the Senior Member

4th place in Netherlands

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3 years

Studio Name

Zus en Zo Foto

Hi everybody. My name is Anna Walstra-Sosinowska and together with my sister Barbara share passion for photography. We love to capture those elusive moments of life and change them into precious memories for lifetime. We specialise in family photography both lifestyle and styled but shoot also weddings and events. We are both very happy mothers who love nature and working with people.

Winning photos

Breaking the ice… usually at the begging of a shoot the models are shy of us, but it does not mean we cannot shoot a nice picture. This is a perfect example of that 

70th Collection

Cold and warm colours - we love the exciting contrast between the cold tones of the nature and the warm tones of the model’s skin, hair and eyes in this image! But the most important part of successful shoot is a connection between the photographer and the model as it was the case this time.

67th Collection

I truly love Autumn: the light, the colours… the weather maybe little bit less here in the Netherlands ;)
We had exactly 40 minutes in between pouring rain for this shoot. It was worth every moment. We had been able to create lovely memories for mum to be and stunning images with dramatic skies.

66th Collection

I believe that paying attention to detail is crucial in shooting a beautiful photo. This particular portrait was made during a newborn session of the baby sister of this girl. While my sister (and photography partner) was shooting the images of the baby I have noticed that the big sister started to pose. I took my chance and made this beautiful image. Sometimes all it takes is to see what was not meant to be the object of your work.

63rd Collection