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Mylieve Photography

Hello! My name is Iris and I am a mother of two beautiful children. I started photography in 2017, with no knowledge of a camera. Now I have my own studio and business. I always tell people, if you want it, fight for it, everything is possible! I love to capture these precious moments of my clients. I focussed a lot on maternity and mommy and me photography lately, and people travel miles from the entire country to let me take their pictures. I feel so honored by all of them.

When I am editing I am listening to storytell books, because I have no time to sit down and read. This is my real drive to keep me focussed for hours.

I have a lovely partner who have supported me from the start, and my parents always believed in me. They helped me so much to make my dream come true.

I hope to inspire other photographers to follow their dreams and become a fantastic photographer!

Winning photos

A beautiful powerful woman, no words needed. She is a queen!

86th Collection

I love how this show turned out, she looked right into the camera!

86th Collection

These are my own two children, Liyo and Mylie. Mylie wanted to be a big sister since she was 2 years old, and we were blessed with our rainbow baby boy when she was 6 years old. She is the sweetest, loving and caring sister I have ever seen. This picture really speaks of how they are together. Full of love and happiness.

85th Collection

This is what I call”the nose” picture! I love how parents are this close to their baby.. it shows their love and emotion in just one simple pose!

85th Collection

Gia was such a Goddess in my studio! Simplicity in this picture makes this image powerful and pure.

85th Collection

Some children have a special place in your heart. This sweet girl was such a cutiepie

84th Collection

With no help of a partner, this picture a real masterpiece workout!

84th Collection

Noa Hofstede with her beautiful daughter. She is such a sweet woman. Loved to do her mommy & me session

83rd Collection

Ashika was rocking my new dress, I love how good it looks on her. Just perfection!

83rd Collection

Julia and her son are so inspiring. She has her own youtube channel where she shows her life and encourages other woman and mothers ❤️

82nd Collection

This beautiful strong woman was rocking her maternity photoshoot. Such a sweet empowering mother.

82nd Collection