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Mylieve Photography

Hello! My name is Iris and I am a mother of two beautiful children. I started photography in 2017, with no knowledge of a camera. Now I have my own studio and business. I always tell people, if you want it, fight for it, everything is possible! I love to capture these precious moments of my clients. I focussed a lot on maternity and mommy and me photography lately, and people travel miles from the entire country to let me take their pictures. I feel so honored by all of them.

When I am editing I am listening to storytell books, because I have no time to sit down and read. This is my real drive to keep me focussed for hours.

I have a lovely partner who have supported me from the start, and my parents always believed in me. They helped me so much to make my dream come true.

I hope to inspire other photographers to follow their dreams and become a fantastic photographer!