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35 years old and already an entrepreneur for over 14 years. Raised in sunny southern Spain, Marbella. In addition to photography, managing my four children, and working part-time as a self-employed maternity nurse, I also have two adorable land turtles. Where there is love, I am happy to capture it!

My four rascals go through life with the names Dylan (he survived adolescence so far), 16 years old, Kailyn (her hobby is rolling her eyes), 12 years old, Aiden (my nerd and history expert), 8 years old, and the youngest, Jazz (my little acrobat), 3 years old, with epilepsy.

I share my life adventure with the love of my life, who also has two teenagers. Our blended family is like a cross between a reality show and a comedy series. To live comfortably together, we would need a house the size of a soccer field, but instead, we are forced to live 300 meters apart. Sometimes, it's probably for the best with four teenagers around. And then there's my love for food, especially if it comes from another country. A pot of dutch mashed potatoes is equivalent to a horror movie for me – I just can't be happy with it. If it doesn't have exotic spices, don't call it a meal.