Van Hout


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2nd place in Netherlands

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3 years

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Precious Moments Photography

Maternity, Newborn and Child photographer based in Wormerveer The Netherlands

Winning photos

This beautiful boy came to me at 6 weeks old, he only slept for minutes in a prop so I had a lot of pictures with his big eyes open.

56th Collection

This lovely boy came as a newborn baby to me, now it was time to shine with his baby brother. And he did a real good job...

53rd Collection

This beautiful boy is my own son. He loves to stand for the camera. And I love to take pictures of him. I cherish all these moments I capture of him.

52nd Collection

Grainfield in the Netherlands with 2 beautiful boys. It was a lovely evening in the summer...

51st Collection

Normally I take light newborn/sibling pictures, but this big sister takes this portrait dress out off my closet and wants to wear this whit her newborn brother. I think she hit the right spot because I love this picture in the end.

49th Collection