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Lieblingsbild Babyfotografie

As a mother of two (girl and boy) I really know what my clients are looking for, when choosing a professional baby-photographer. I'm striving to make every single photo of their kids a special one, that they will charish forever. I like outdoor maternity shootings in the woods or at the lake, bright colours, wildflowers and every single one of my little models.

Winning photos

This years' christmas specials were truly magical... we created such lovely pictures with the kids playing in the "snow". This cute little guy had so much fun on my mini sleigh and his pictures turned out really well. I'm pretty sure his grandparents will love the pictures they'll get as a gift.

Collection 80

Pure baby perfection. I like this variation of froggy pose so much as you can see how little Babies feet, fingers and head were - compared to mom's hands.

Collection 79

Her second cakesmash was so much fun: what more could i wish for, than a lovely girl with a nature lovers heart. A perfect combination for adorable birthday photos at the lake.

Collection 78

Autumn or late summer light is the best! It simply underlines the mom-to-be "glow" which I'm so in love with. And this stunning mom rocked her babybelly shooting, I tell you - she was gorgeous!

Collection 77

When regular customers come to me, it's always something special. When the little ones really enjoy their birthday shoot, that's the best thing for me. Thank you for letting me share this moment with the world.

Collection 76

The beauty of a mom to be - the joy, the anticipation, the "glow": all in this one and only picture! It was the last pic of the day and I already knew, this image has something special. Thank you so much!

Collection 75

The strength of breastfeeding moms it's so inspiring to me. That's why I love to shoot such special moments. And I couldn't be happier, having HER in front of my camera. Thank YOU so much for sharing this with the world out there.

Collection 75

Having a newborn baby client is always a little surprise for me. This time I was lucky having such a cute little girl with great hair in my studio. She was adorable, we did behind the scenes, wrapping tutorials and even a short video during her newborn session and she just slept.

Collection 74

This is where my breastfeeding photo journey all began: my very first breastfeeding mom and her sweet child. We went outdoors into the forest, searching for a magical place and found this old ruins of an ancient castle. A gorgeous scene for a gorgeous woman. From this time on, I knew that I wanted to capture moments like this for all my clients and became known for my breastfeeding pictures. Thank you so much!

Collection 72

This picture is one of a whole series I dedicated to my daughter. It's called "It's a sick world. Quo vadis Terra Mater?" I would like to raise awareness for the huge plastic (waste) problem we have. Hopefully I can change at lease some peoples point of view...

Collection 70

Creating new life is magic, right? This is what I would love to show with this beautiful picture of a good client of mine. I know her as a very strong person, a loving mom, who has been to much... Creating this magical and dreamy picture for her, was a pleasure for me because she really deserves it.

Collection 68

I call this image "the magic of my childhood christmas". Christmas Minisessions have a very long tradition in my studio history. I shoot x-mas sessions ever since the first clients asked me for and I'm obsessed with them. For the past two years I've been doing them in early October already, since you never know these times... and all my clients are totally thankful for that. The pictures I take every year of my little clients have become a huge family event for them. That's what makes them so special. I can see "my" clients growing up which is also wonderful. So, I could never be wihtout my x-mas minis, even though it's kind of exhausting sometimes shooting almost 100 families in this short time. But receiving so much positive feedback or seeing their christmas cards, makes it all worth.

Collection 67

I had such a great time shooting this gorgeous mom to be. Poses like this one don't just "happen". It's me guiding my clients, making them feel comfortable in my presence so that they can be 100% them. My model chose this location, because she had spent a lot of time in this forest while being pregnant. So the place itself had a special meaning for her. This and my connection with her, made this picture so perfect.

Collection 66

Milestone sessions - oh how I love them. This shot is my favourite one of the birthday photoshoot from this little girl. We had a funny cakesmash in a flowery field and went on with some splash photos on our way back. They really turned out more than well because was so damn cute.

Collection 65

Cakesmash Sessions are one of my favourites. Because at this age, kids aldeady show a lot of personality. I always do a splash bath action shooting afterwards, which they really enjoy.

Collection 64

This is a picture I took when shooting a home story. While the parents were preparing their picnic setting in their backyard, I took the chance for some one-to-one shots with their two kids alone and got very nice ones.

Collection 63

One of the most important lessons I've learned through all the years of maternity photography: you have not only to be a good Photographer with All that technical skills but also sort of a guide for your models. In order to receive TRUE emotions, I became one of those photographers who constantly chat with their clients, make funny or even crazy or stupid things to make them laugh. But hey: if it's worth it, so what? Like with this couple: soon-to-be-dad told me before our session, that he is a bit shy in front of the camera. But with sympathy and the RIGHT feeling for what to say when, we got a ton of stunning couple shots like this one.

Collection 61

Another wonderful breastfeeding moment in my studio: This cute girl was the funniest little client I had in a breastfeeding-shooting so far. She was interacting with me and the camera all the time. I immediately fell in love with her smile! One of my favorite pictures of the shooting year!

Collection 36

This is one of my favorite breastfeeding shots I've made so far. Simply because it's just them: mom and daughter. And this little girl's look is so amazing. That's what it is all about.

Collection 35

Cake smash shootings are always cute, but this one was truly special. This little guy was literally soaking it all in and made such a big fun event out of the whole shooting, which we did outdoor at the lakeside.

Collection 35