Tanja Stolz




🇦🇹 Austria

Minimum price/hours

150$ per hour | 1 hour minimum

With us

5 years

Studio Name

Lieblingsbild Babyfotografie

As a mother of two (girl and boy) I really know what my clients are looking for, when choosing a professional baby-photographer. I'm striving to make every single photo of their kids a special one, that they will charish forever. I like outdoor maternity shootings in the woods or at the lake, bright colours, wildflowers and every single one of my little models.

Winning photos

One of the locations I love most... because of the light! This mom to be had an amazing sunny evening with me out there. Thanks for having me.

96th Collection

I absolutely love this colour combination for little boys: it's so timeless and chic.

95th Collection

How I like these little smiles during my newborn sessions. They happen mostly right after a good breathfeeding session. That's why I pay particular attention to the pictures we create afterwards.

94th Collection

My customers really love the large boho bed in the new studio. Not only relaxed pregnancy photos are taken here, but also my “just you” portraits, which I recently introduced to all my clients who want to get some very special portraits of themselves as a mother.

94th Collection

I tried a new lighting setup in my new studio and my clients liked it a lot. Pure, elegant and minimalistic.

93rd Collection

I absolutely love Christmas minisessions! Thanks to all my adorable families, who joined me at the studio this year.

92nd Collection

This year's Christmas shoots were magical in the truest sense of the word. I had 4 wonderful settings set up in the new photo studio. Guess what the kids had the most fun with? The photos in the kitchen and baking biscuits, of course!

92nd Collection

My clients know, I love cakesmash sessions. And yes! I really do. Less is more is my credo when it comes to decoration. I mean look at them! These gorgeous little girls - it's their smile that has to be captured forever. Nothing else.

89th Collection

There are some locations in my town that I really like... this is one of them. The sunset here is magical and makes every mom to be even more "glowing".

88th Collection

This photo was taken during one of my mum and me mini sessions. The family had their dog with them and I always take this opportunity for a souvenir photo. A four-legged friend is something very special for kids.

87th Collection

It often takes so little for a beautiful, atmospheric photo. And that's the proof. Many clients think they always need the picture perfect location with as much trappings as possible. But usually it's the opposite.

87th Collection

This picture was taken at the end of a baby bump shoot. Unfortunately, we weren't lucky with the weather that day: it was cloudy and rainy. My clients were just about to get into the car when I saw that the clouds briefly cleared and a beautiful light flooded the forest path. We took advantage of the brief window of sunshine and got totally spontaneous, vibrant images full of joy. I love every single one of them. Thank you for this award.

86th Collection

Pictures with siblings are so important to me and to my clients. That's why I like to shoot them outdoor, especially with young kids around. What a lovely moment!

86th Collection

Oh I love neutral earthy colours for girls! I doesn't have to be pink or dusty rose all the time. Isn't she gorgeous in sage green?

84th Collection

Shooting THIS I knew it was just PERFECT. I love this dynamic look. What a gorgeous family!

83rd Collection

Autumn light is just awesome! I always try to get the best out of light on those outdoor shootings and this time it was simply WOW!

83rd Collection

These two lovebirds were so authentic during their session - one could really feel their special connection. I love every single picture of their photoshooting. But this one is pure love.

82nd Collection

This years' christmas specials were truly magical... we created such lovely pictures with the kids playing in the "snow". This cute little guy had so much fun on my mini sleigh and his pictures turned out really well. I'm pretty sure his grandparents will love the pictures they'll get as a gift.

80th Collection

Pure baby perfection. I like this variation of froggy pose so much as you can see how little Babies feet, fingers and head were - compared to mom's hands.

79th Collection

Her second cakesmash was so much fun: what more could i wish for, than a lovely girl with a nature lovers heart. A perfect combination for adorable birthday photos at the lake.

78th Collection